This month at the Arbor – Ce mois-ci à la galerie

Celebrating Black History

As part of Black History Month, explore the thought provoking work of Afro-Caribbean artists: Dannielle Samuel, Dayva Milne and Héritier Bilaka.

February 1 through the 25th and celebrate this beautiful community exhibition with a vernissage on February 10th between 1pm to 3pm.

UBUNTU Playshop
*Ubuntu Is a Bantu term meaning Humanity : I am because we are
Learning about African and Caribbean culture through a fluid art creative experience.

Led through a lens of sharing her story and rich cultural heritage from the Island of Dominica, Suzan will guide participants along an artistic journey using flow medium acrylic paint.

Using their hands, breath and movement, participants will share and create a unique visual art piece, influencing each other’s canvases by incorporating the principles of Ubuntu, identity and intersectionality. Through the principle of Ubuntu: “ I am because, we are”, participants will have the opportunity to share and learn about black legacy and hear about a lived experience that is intrinsic in the Black Cultural Experience of art as self-expression.
At the end of the bilingual workshop, the art will be left to dry and then installed the next day as a collective piece celebrating Black History Month and available for pick up at the end of the exhibit.

Admission: $30 covers the price of materials ($25 for Arbor Gallery members)
Only 12 places available – advanced tickets required.
[email protected]
Bilingual presentation.

For more info, visit:…/atelier-ubuntu-playshop…/

Find more info on Jab Djab at their website found here:

Tickets are $25 per person ($20 for our members) and can be pre-bought via e-transfer to [email protected] – please provide your full name and contact info. as well as the name of the concert/performers, and date.

Limited seating available.

In collaboration with Creating Centre de Créativité. We are excited to present the film The Legends of Madiba followed by a discussion with filmmaker Helen Henshaw in celebration of Black History Month.

At the Creating Centre de Créativité
13 ON-34, Vankleek Hill, ON K0B 1R0

Free Admission – Reservations recommended

“Nelson Mandela’s favourite performers demonstrate the vital role that music plays in the face of racism and oppression. Magnetic Canadian/South African performer Lorraine Klaasen introduces us to these five remarkable Legends. They share their music and their experiences during the disruptive and violent years of apartheid. We learn how important music is in the life of South Africa, and how correct Mandela was when he said the Legends have a real ‘hunger to sing.’ “

South African singers Thandie Klaasen, Abigail Kubeka, Dorothy Masuku, Sophie MgCina and Dolly Rathebe reflect on racism, music and apartheid.

Screening History:
The Legends of Madiba premiered at the Hot Docs International Film Festival in 2003, then went on a worldwide tour of International Festivals to great acclaim for several years (see below), plus enjoyed a three year run on Canadian Bravo! TV 2005 – 08.
The film is still valid today, and audiences continue to be inspired by these remarkable ladies.

Exploring Black Canadian History

February 17th at 2pm

Join local presenters Trudy Samuel of L’Orignal, a Black History enthusiast, and Michelle Landriault of Vankleek Hill, a local-history storyteller, as they explore the history of people of African descent in Eastern Ontario & Argenteuil & beyond. This brief introduction to Black lives from the 17th to the 21st century will invite participants to seek broader knowledge and appreciation of this shared history.