Become a Member

Become a member and help Arbor Gallery to continue to thrive and expand its
contribution to the community!

For years, the Arbor Gallery has relied on the generosity of our friends and donors to
help present a variety of exhibits by talented local artists and artisans.

The generous support from our community has allowed us, with the help of our
dedicated volunteers, to not only be a platform for our local artists and artisans to
display their creations, but also offer fun and interesting workshops, events, concerts
and activities.

Becoming a Member

No need to be an artist or artisan to join! If you would like to be part of a small but
vibrant community arts centre, why not join Arbor Gallery as a member?


Membership – Single: $40 a year 
Family Membership: $60 a year


Membership period covers January to December. Members joining after July 1 of the
current year will need only to renew in December of the following year.

Membership Benefits

With $40 a year (membership goes from January to December) you will help us to
pursue our mission in supporting and presenting arts and community activities to our
beloved community.  
Artist/artisan members benefit from discount on exhibition fees and all our members can
display their creations (visual art, books, fine crafts, and more) in our consignment gift