This month at the Arbor – Ce mois à la galerie

Main exhibition hall – Salle d’exposition principale

wholecloth is a fabric straight from loom, intact, a blank canvas of possibilities.

But what if that fabric is made from recycled or repurposed textiles? Does it limit the possibilities? Does it retain any vestiges of its previous life? Does it resonate in the hand, to the touch? Does it remember?

Does a cloth made from the worn out towels from a gym pulse with the homoeroticism of the men’s locker room?

Does a cloth made from the fabrics of discarded mattresses carry with it the weight of the bodies that have slept, dreamt, convalesced, had sex or even died on?

Does a fabric made from the knotted string of tea bags retain any of the cultural and ritualistic significance, the colonial history or offer any of the comfort sought in a cup of tea?

Does a cloth made from discarded fishing nets convey the desperation of industries, communities, and species in collapse?

Does a cloth made from the hand-painted canvases of protest banners resonate with the demands for social, economic, and environmental justice?

When we consider these questions we quickly realize that wholecloth is not the whole story.


Carl Stewart (he/him) is a weaver and teacher living and working in Ottawa. Stewart employs traditional hand-weaving techniques to explore the fundamental role textiles play in the crafting of queer culture and identity. As a cis-gender queer man creating within a perceived “feminine” practice, his work challenges heteronormative and gendered structures of power by celebrating, memorializing, documenting and commemorating the intimate, the fabulous, the egregious and the tragic.

Stewart’s work has been presented in solo exhibitions across Canada and in the United States including The Arbor Gallery, Vankleek Hill, ON, John M. Parrott Art Gallery, Belleville, ON; Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte ON; Schmidt Art Centre, Belleville, Il; Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, NS.

He has participated in group exhibitions across Canada and in the United States including the Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa, ON, Gallery 101, Ottawa, ON, Victoria Arts Council, Victoria, BC; Little Berlin Collective, Philadelphia, PA; Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC; Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, ON; Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, New York, NY.

Small exhibition hall – Petite salle d’exposition


Brian Beavis is a self-taught visual art and textile artist. For years, he has been painting in the style of De Stijl movement, particularly influenced by Piet Mondriaan’s artwork. As part of his exploration, he has been working with strings and wood, constructing wall art that echoes the famous visual art style.

Simon Kempston back in concert!

Kempston, who played to a full house audience in 2022, returns to Vankleek Hill as part of his Canadian tour, with a brand-new list of songs. Kempston is one of Scotland’s very best songwriters’ (The Sunday Herald), a composer and leading fingerstyle guitarist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Tickets are $25 per person ($20 for our members) and can be pre-bought via e-transfer or paid at the door- please provide your full name and contact info. as well as the name of the concert/performers, and date to [email protected]
Limited seating. Reservations recommended.

Fibre Frolics – Festival de la fibre

Arbor Gallery joins hands with Fibre Frolics and the Creating Centre de Créativité for the Vankleek Hill Fibre Frolics Festival. That day, several fibre, felting and textile artists and artisans will present their work at both locations. The event is organized by Les Belles Bouclettes mohair farm.

La Galerie Arbor s’associe à Fiber Frolics et au Creating Centre de Créativité pour le Vankleek Hill Festival de la fibre. Ce jour-là, plusieurs fibres, Des artistes et artisans du feutrage et du textile présenteront leur travail aux deux endroits. L’événement est organisé par Ferme de mohair Les Belles Bouclettes.

Introduction à la Construction Textile –

Introduction to the Basic of Fabric Construction

Le 24 septembre de 15h à 17h.

Un atelier avec France Poliquin
Poliquin, qui a étudié l’art textile au Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, et a exploré de nombreux aspects de l’art textile avec divers projets au fil des ans, présentera les différentes formes de textiles aux participants. Cet atelier gratuit est présenté dans le cadre de la Fête de la culture de l’Ontario et du Mois du textile de la Galerie Arbor.

September 24 from 3pm to 5pm.

A workshop with France Poliquin
Poliquin, who studied textile art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and has explored many aspects of textile art with various projects throughout the years, will present the various forms of textiles to participants. This free of charge workshop is being presented as part of Ontario Culture Days and Arbor Gallery textile month.

Coming in October!