Sylvie Bouchard

Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.” (W. Somerset Maugham)

Artist Statement

I find my inspiration in the meditative space between form and non-form. Intuition guides my hand as abstract scenes are born, from which will emerge faces, silhouettes. 

 I let the painting take shape and then sit with it, in silence and stillness, to allow it to reveal its presence.  From one day to the next, the paint, charcoal and other media blend and cure, slowly transforming the look of the painting. Images reveal themselves, as do emotions and feelings they stir within me and eventually, the viewers.  Only in the end will the title find me, telling me its story, as a final nudge towards meaning.

About the Artist

She defines herself as an emergent artist.  Indeed it was only a few years ago, following a move from Montreal to Ottawa that she reconnected with her art. Leaving behind her life coach practice, this was the perfect opportunity to do what she loved most: visual art and artistic expression.  

Since then, she took classes and workshops at the Ottawa School of Art, the Ottawa Academy of Realist Art and studied with other artists, further exploring expressive drawing and painting, as well as mixed media techniques.  A member of the West-Carleton Arts Society for a few years, she also benefited from the various workshops, lectures, seminars and peer activities that they offered.

As a mixed media visual artist, she mostly combines acrylic, charcoal, graphite, colour pencils on canvas or wood panels to create expressionist paintings that speak of emotions and people.  Several of her pieces are now part of private collections. She lives in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, since February 2019.

Star Child – Acrylic on gallery canvas – 24 X 30 X 2 – Private Collection
Rêver aux anges – acrylique et techniques mixtes sur toile – 24 X 24 X 1 –  480$
Amante au chapeau rouge – Acrylique et huile sur toile – 20 X 16 – encadré.  320$
Metamorphosis – Acrylique et fusain sur toile format galerie – 20 X 20 X 1.5 – collection privée
Two Spirits – Acrylique et fusain sur toile format galerie – 20 X 20 X 1.5 – collection privée