Reenie Marx

Artist Bio:

Reenie Marx is a professional photographer who currently lives in Vankleek Hill. After a fulfilling career in education, her deep reverence for nature and lifelong passion for photography gave birth to a new vocation. Since late 2006 she has been exhibiting and selling her work in Quebec, Ontario, and the United States. She has had 5 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows. Her photos often have a certain perspective or ambiguity that encourages the viewer to look more deeply. “I strive not so much to record what I see as to reveal what is beneath the surface: the deep unity and inter-relatedness of all things.” In addition to printing on traditional high quality photographic papers using archival ink, she also prints her images on canvas, brushed aluminum and translucent acrylic. Her images are sold largely as limited editions, except for her fine art cards and Illuminations (acrylics for windows). She has a studio in Vankleek Hill where she displays and sells her work, and also gives semi private beginner digital photography courses.

Samples of Reenie’s Work:

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Phone: 514-209-0259

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