September 15th - 26th, 2010

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An exhibition of artworks on the theme of "food"

Meet the artists on Sept 19th - from 2-4pm, refreshments will be served.

Works by:
Darlene Burningham
Nathalie Germain
Claudia Urbach

Curator's Statement:

This art exhibition was inspired by Vankleek Hill’s longtime fall event, the Festival of Flavours, happening this year on Sunday Sept 19th. The festival is fabulous – its one of my favorite local events. And what is more elemental to our lives than food?

Food is family, culture, pleasure. Food literally sustains us and makes life possible. Yet our relationship with food is a complicated one. We eat too much here in prosperous North America and, arguably, we eat the wrong foods. Our love affair with salt, sugar, and fat is unparalleled in the rest of the world.

And how is it that food is at once so valuable and essential to our lives and yet so undervalued? In most of the world, farmers struggle to earn a modest living for the privilege of growing our food. More and more of us are objecting to the kind of lives lead by the animals we eat are leading. The Organic movement, Slow food, 100 mile diet, Eat Local – all are efforts to find an answer to the most basic human problem of all. How to eat well and sustain life – our own, and the lives of that which feeds us.

Complicated and woven in to all aspects of our lives, food is a rich subject and the artists in this show offer several different approaches to it.
For more about the works in this show, please pick up a show pamphlet at the gallery. The show pamphlet continues with a paragraph by each artist. We hope you enjoy their writing and their works.

--Jessica Sarrazin, September 2010

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