August 5 - September 26, 2010

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An exhibition of artworks illustrating the working methods of the artists

Meet the artists on August 7th - from 3-5pm, refreshments will be served.

Works by:
Jocelyn Guilbault
Jeannine St-Amour
Erica Taylor

Curator's Statement:
This exhibition is about the ‘how’ of art-making. We’re featuring three artists who all work in unusual ways and were willing to share their secrets. Each of these artists has either invented their process or put a new spin on an old medium.

Jocelyn Gilbault works with wax. Rather than working in traditional encaustic, (wax mixed with pigments) he melts crayons and uses the colourful liquid wax to create large works on wood panels. He also chooses to fill in the large areas of colour in his works with a grid pattern, adding a texture not usually seen in encaustic or other wax-based painting.

Jeannine St-Amour is a photographer who either seeks out unusual abstract compositions or creates them. She often shoots close-ups in puddles, icy, frosted windows and other places that catch her eye. For this show, she concocted a recipe of several different liquids and beat them together to create the perfect arrangement of bubbles which she then quickly captured with her camera.

Erica Taylor is the only artist I’ve ever known to pull a print off a horse’s face. In traditional printmaking, prints are normally ‘pulled’ off an ink-covered stone, wood block, or etched metal plate. Erica’s print of her (very trusting) horse’s face shows the detail of each hair and whisker.

For more about the works in this show, please pick up a show pamphlet at the gallery. The show pamphlet continues with a paragraph by each artist. We hope you will enjoy their writing and their works.
--Jessica Sarrazin, July 2010

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