Exhibition: A Womans Dark Dreams
June 27th until July 29th, 2018, Vernissage is July 8th 2 - 4 PM

"A Woman's Dark Dreams" by Christine Lenoir-Godin.

The vision I translate from dreams onto canvas is expressed from abstract ideas. In using the abstract-expressionist style of creation, I am empowered to comment on the state of my world.
I can't exist without believing in the possibility that there is an ALTER-WORLD. Another existence parallel to the one I now endure, where a forest is slashed and burnt, birds and bees are dying of poisons, a child is sexually exploited or a woman is stoned, a parallel world where all that is destroyed in this world can be reborn.
I create my visions out of a spiritual desire stronger than the need for a God - for salvation through my dreams and the travels of my spirit - as I travel on the path of fire the stars have made in the sky. Hoping we can save our world.
While I paint I am evolving images of my desire for angelic contact, for absolution for the crimes of humans, for salvation. My canvas is my freedom.

Christine has been an artist for 60 years and creates with graphite, charcoal, inks, watercolours, pastels, mixed media and acrylics. She also sculpts with clay and found objects, she creates in ephemeral art and more. She paints in the abstract expressionist, realist and impressionist styles.
Her mother, who was an artist, was her first art teacher. Christine recently obtained her General Arts Certificate from the Ottawa School of Art. Her artistic passion intensified after the retina in both her eyes tore in 1999. Dr. Bill Britton saved her sight and since that miracle, she says she looks at everything around her “as if I had a third eye”.
She believes that as an artist, it is necessary for her to share messages about her social concerns; such as the social problems of women, and the de-forestation of the planet. 

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