Intimate Magic
Saturday Feb 14th, 2015

Majinx presents "Intimate Magic: The Invisible Language" a special magic show for Valentine's Day at Arbor Gallery- CfCA from 1 - 2pm. 

For years Lawrence Larouche and Cynthia Martin, also known as MAJINX, have been entertaining our community with their magical exploits. Lawrence takes pride in the duo’s ability to create magical presentations around specific themes that are suggested to them by their clients.  To start off the new year Lawrence and Cynthia have put their heads together to create a brand new show that will have a tendency to make it’s audience blush at the very least.

Leading up to February 14th vernissage of Eros 2015 – an exhibition of erotic art at the Arbor Gallery, MAJINX will present a unique magical production revolving around the physical and psychological bonds that form between lovers. 

How much can you communicate without words?  Can you finish each other’s sentences?  Is it possible to lie to your lover and get away with it?  They will demonstrate the seemingly supernatural abilities of lovers as they learn to understand the subtleties of body language.

“The audience should be prepared to laugh while being astounded by the magic of intimacy,” says Lawrence as he explains what the audience can expect at Intimate Magic: The Invisible Language. “We’re not interested in simply shocking people. That’s not what this show is about."

"I am more excited with the challenge of making a touchy subject like love and sex, more entertaining and intriguing," Larouche added. "This takes much more thought and effort. Even in these days of intellectual enlightenment, love and sex are still difficult subjects to talk about for some people.  It seems we don’t like being reminded of our basic core animal nature. Intimate Magic will focus on the psychic connections that develop between lovers and we will make remarkable predictions based on human nature that will astound everyone in our audience. Cynthia and I can’t wait to try out some of these new effects on the hometown crowd.”

Enjoy the reception afterwards complete with chocolate and other goodies, and meet the artists of the Eros exhibition!

Tickets are $20 (cash only) or by credit card (via email) for $22

Available for purchase (cash only) at The Review 76 Main St. E., Vankleek HIll, ON.

For payment by visa please email contact@arborgallery.org

Limited seating, so purchase your tickets soon!


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