Cityscapes: Collages in Cloth and Stitch
June 18th to August 17th, 2014

A solo exhibition by Heather Dubreuil.

Meet the artist at our vernissage:

SUNDAY JUNE 22nd from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

Gallery hours: 

WEDNESDAYS noon to 1 p.m and THURSDAY to SUNDAY noon to 4 p.m.



My cityscapes show the radiant transformation of an everyday exterior through the expressive potential of colour. I create sensuous, asthetic delight by a careful consideration of form and composition. I see my work in cloth and stitch as a contemporary expression of the culture of women's needlework. 

-- Heather Dubreuil




Intersecting lines and rhythmic patterns of shapes and colour are the chosen palette for artist Heather Dubreuil’s Cityscapes: Collages in Cloth and Stitch. We are invited to view what would appear as modern perspectives of repetitive architecture but through the lens of a long tradition of women’s work, stitching. With each line that is sewn and each square of fabric that is collaged together, Dubreuil uses the technique of quilting to piece together parts of our mechanical landscape as well as our heritage. Her pieces are reminiscent of modern painterly landscapes; bright and colourful geometrical shapes create a tapestry of lush compositions where buildings and windows are set against pastel skies. Working from her own photos turned into line drawings which are then transferred onto fabric, she explains “I look for interlocking shapes, strong diagonals, the rhythmic patterning of windows and doors, an unusual perspective, or the contrast of old and new, round and rectangular.”  The process of creating her pieces is intimate and involved as she often hand-dyes her cottons, which she then carefully cuts out into every needed shape. It is with this careful attention to detail as well as offering a unique perspective through the choice of her materials that Dubreuil’s contemporary stitch work gently nudges her viewer to take another look at the simple beauty of our modern industrial landscapes.


-- Shanna Steals

BFA, University of Ottawa


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