Eric Covington

Artist Bio:

Eric studied the craft of glass blowing at Montreal’s Espace Verre, the Haliburton School of the Arts, and in private studios. The fluidity and immediacy of the “off-hand” creative process captured him completely and continue to inspire his artistry. The Priests Mill Studio & Gallery has allowed Eric to attract world-class glass artists as teachers of master classes and collaborators in advanced projects. This constant exploration in art excites and motivates Eric to want to share his adventure with anyone with an open mind and a thirst for new learning experiences.

“I am inspired by nature and fuelled by the discovery of new processes and techniques. When I was a young boy, my grandfather opened my eyes to the beauty around us and I became particularly interested in mineralogy and the seas. To me “off-hand” glass blowing is an exploration of the fluidity of the earth’s core combined with the organic shapes found in ponds and coral reefs. The process of discovery is as important as the outcome. Teaching the skills needed by an artist has become one of my rewards in running a glass studio. During the Apples & Art tour I will be emphasizing my initiatives in passing on the passion to the next generation of “glass-aficionados”.

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