Nathalie Freniere

Biography and artistic Approach

Nathalie Frenière was born in 1967 in Montreal, Canada.

American of origin, she travel a lot, her inspirations make us travel in her imaginary world of abstract landscape and scenery.

From an early age she developed her creativity in drawing and music. She visited several forms of expression, but the voice with which she expresses best is visual art. Afterward, she follows master class painting in Montreal and Paris. She studied graphic design and practice this profession for fifteen years.

Now, she dedicates herself full-time to her painter's career.

Since then, her work has been shown in gallery, and museum, solo and group exhibits, as well as symposia, in Canada, New York and Brazil.

She had the opportunity to exhibit in Museum of fine arts with large renowned Canadian painter. Also, she exhibit at the Fifa World Cup soccer in Brazil for the cultural project show de Bola.

She paints with diluted oil that she works on the spatula. Her technique creates vaporous effects, sought dissolves where it lets mix the abstraction and the representation.
Her approach is developed by accentuating the color on the substrate in successive layers. She observed the formation, she discovers shapes and body movements. She gives rise to new compositions.

Through these paintings style both figurative and abstract, her work is inspired by a spontaneous painting of characters and themes to deep atmospheres.



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