Lorie Turpin

I first fell in love with art in kindergarten...all that colouring and drawing!  Later I found myself drawing in much of my free time.  I studied art at Rosemere High School in Quebec where I won an award for my sculpture and was asked to paint two wall murals! After high school I enrolled in Fine Arts at Vanier Cegep and honed my drawing and painting skills. There I learned to capture movement and develop my hand-eye coordination.

Before long, I married and started a family. During that time I engaged in several hobbies: sewing, crocheting, and knitting; however, I continued my interest in art through tole painting.

Almost seven years ago I met a wonderful teacher, Linda Scott Harris, a professional photographer and painter, who re-ignited my love of pure art.  With her guidance, I have been studying the Academic Style using the Masters as learning tools and inspiration. I have been fine tuning my skills and re-igniting my passion ever since.

I am an eclectic painter who paints whatever attracts my attention: be it colour, shapes, composition or subjects; therefore I paint portraits, animals, landscapes and florals.  I will eventually find my true niche. 

As a mood setter, I love to listen to Trypnaural meditative music while I paint, and before I know it, hours have gone by!  During these times, I call on the Masters and Angels to guide me and along with Linda's teachings under my belt I work my way through a painting.


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