Roy Whiddon


Roy Whiddon immigrated to Canada in 1975 for a job that required extensive travel across Canada. He bought  a 35mm SLR camera to record the scenery and soon became an avid amateur photographer. Years later, Roytook up drawing and painting to balance a stressful technical career, taking courses at the Ottawa School of Art, Algonquin College and other venues. Among his favourite subjects were life drawing and portraiture.

In 2008, Roy began to photograph the nude figure as well as drawing it. The feedback he received from exhibiting these photographs encouraged him to make this his primary focus in the visual arts. In 2009, Roy joined the Foyer Gallery in Ottawa, serving as president in 2012-2013. Since 2008, Roy has exhibited in eight solo shows and more than 30 juried or curated group exhibitions.

See more at www.roywhiddon.com.


Artist’s Statement

My work explores the human form in different contexts using the medium of photography. Inspired by the beauty, grace, strength and vulnerability of the body, I work with models both in the studio and in locations ranging from forests to abandoned industrial sites. Posing the naked body in contrasting and sometimes hostile environments enables me to address issues such as harmony vs. alienation, power vs. vulnerability, and oppression vs. freedom. In the studio, I typically place the figure against a minimalist ground, focusing on the geometry of the pose or the expression of body language. Other work explores the dimension of time by combining frozen and blurred movements into images that portray the space-time trails of a body in motion.

In addition to photography, I practice life drawing regularly to keep my eye sharp for addressing the lines, shapes, highlights and shadows of the human form. I occasionally exhibit my drawings, but I find that figure photography best offers a mix of artistic, technical and interpersonal challenges to spark my creativity.



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