Shanna Steals

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Artist’s Statement

Art must reach out to the masses by conveying ideas, raise questions, offer a personal perspective as well as be a reflection of our time. The starting point of my work lies in the challenging and meshing of dualities: body and spirit; intellectuality and insanity, the institution and the marginal; craft and conceptualism. I am fascinated with society’s moral schizophrenia and our personal denials. My philosophy about the artistic process and practice is as layered as the mediums with which I choose to express my ideas. The mediums I choose to make art are malleable and changeable in order to reveal new discoveries through the process of making. As much as art is about an idea, it is also about the experience of making to represent an idea. It is also about honing a skill and paying homage to a long tradition.  The end is often a product of the process. The artist is a vehicle able to mark the path she has walked to expose it nakedly to the viewer as a mirror into her reality. My artistic practice and my personal philosophy are one in the same--- it is about the process of making, the experience of discovery and the action of change.


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