Jocelyn Guilbault

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Artist's Statement

As a self-taught painter, I have always approached art as a playground. Mixing colours, applying them, playing with matter until harmony is achieved – this is what I can most honestly, essentially and simply say about my artistic approach.

I started using wax somewhat for fun. Not beeswax nor encaustics, but children’s crayons. I first used them in solid form, then melted. For better or for worse, the self-taught are often independent; so it is with an independent mind that I adopted this unorthodox, odd medium, aiming to tame it. A challenge as well as a wish... As a matter of fact, I wanted to work with a medium that could be considered new or at least non traditional. Creating a wax pictorial language, learning to use ad hoc tools and perfecting suitable techniques became my main tasks.

I love to recycle. If I use crayons now, it is because at one point I had them in my studio. The same can be said of my subjects: decided upon by whatever panels were available. My relationship with the image is of the same order. All my life, I’ve collected images and photos. It is only natural for me to recycle them in my work. If I were a building contractor, I would not build houses but restore them.

The emotion driving my work often comes from a fleeting look at images, events, accidents of nature, etc., each of which leads to a mental snapshot. Observation combines with the anticipation of applying wax. More generally, a subject moves me because it seems “wax pictorially manageable”. It will work out if it is suitable for wax. Actually, in my work, the subject serves the medium, not the other way around. 


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