Anyse Ducharme

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Artist’s Statement « Pas de flânage s’il-vous-plaît »

As a photographic and media artist I am primarily motivated by ideasof illusion, perception and how technology affects our everyday lives. I am intrigued by the human creation:our social and physical landscape andthe life it takes on.  My current workexamines our online social existence,a technological parallel to our physicalreality. The hi-tech revolutionfacilitates the use of our mentalcapacities over our physical beings.  The city used to be the place to be,we used to do everything in the city: work, banking,entertainment;but due to technological advancementsmost of us now live on computers,to some extent we use this new technology in the same way that we would the city. In this image, I am juxtaposing our tech supported time with the industrial revolution.  The overblown pixel references impressionist painting, a movement prevalent in art history at the time of the industrial revolution. 

In that era, Baudelaire’s flâneur used to enjoy the city, these days, the flâneur is only really welcomed online. 


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