John  Ikeda

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Artist's Statement

     My functional pottery is directly inspired by an individual, eccentric context. I choose to create items for which I have a personal need and a direct and meaningful connection. For example: a sauce pitcher was needed in preparation for my annual Christmas turkey dinner for my daughter Zoe's visit. I had previously used a larger cream pitcher made by another potter, which had broken; and my stainless cappuccino pitcher was tall and narrow, suitable for gravy but not for cranberries. As my daughter was 12yrs. old at the time, and this was a celebratory occasion, I chose to fulfill this need within a festive quality. The spirit of her adolescent personality inspired this sauce pitcher. She liked it.

     I will not create cream and sugar sets, salt and pepper, or matching place settings for tableware. Yet I believe strongly in the idealistic merits of the creation and functional use of handmade pottery contributing to the humanistic appreciation of daily, domestic life. The importance of beauty and function in everyday objects and surroundings reinforces other archetypal, classical themes of growth and consciousness, such as ethics and morality, reverence for social justice, mother and child, birth and death, indeed all of the concerns, reassurances and values of what it means to be human. In a subliminal consciousness and tradition, functional pottery quietly reinforces the development and appreciation of humanity in the continuum of life and art. 

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