Sherry Welden

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Artist's Statement

    Two Weeks Notice - these photographs are from a larger body of work that investigates the sense of shock experienced when events unexpectedly intrude to reshape our lives.  The images recognize this tenuous nature by using time and space metaphorically to move through familial experiences.

   For the past few years my work has photographically explored the notions of loss, as understood within the realm of family. Both my mother and father experienced losses of memory caused by the Alzheimer disease that redefined their personal identities, as well as those of their daughters.  Unable to remember or articulate even our names, I discovered that notions of the three sisters’ identities also slipped sideways into an alternate universe where we were no longer Noreen and Gordie’s children.  Living in the moment, my parents eased their way into a different identity.

    More recently I investigated the shock, as felt by our family, after the sudden death of my sister Connie.  While this particular work is about mourning, my studies of loss are part of a growing investigation of both the joys and sorrows inherent in a life cycle.

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