Edwina Billyk

Artist's Statement

I am a retired art teacher and now I paint in my studio in the woods of Glengarry County.

I also spend some of my time, gardening - bugs and heat notwithstanding.

Artist's Statement for: View From the Eleventh Floor Series

Last August while I was visiting a friend in Toronto, a storm blew from the lake over the city.  The three views from the eleventh floor are my attempt to show the storm gathering, intensifying and dissipating.

Artist's Statement for: Food Series

This May, I was fortunate to travel to Italy, a country that appeared to me to be a huge, verdant garden. All imaginable space seemed to be growing food. When I went to Italy I had thought that what would be most appealing to me would be the wonderful art works I had only seen in books; the Colosseum, the Sistine, the David, the Pantheon.  These did not disappoint but what enchanted above all was Italian food.  It was local, alive and fresh and served in a simple way, usually with white dishes, or on an olive board, or on the pan straight from the oven.

These three paintings are my humble tribute to Italian food.

Artist's Statement for: "Saga of a flightless bird" Series

 I have heard that ideas are like stepping stones and lead to other ideas.  So it is with these paintings.  I had been working on a series of sunsets and realized that I could not finish them on time. Into my head popped: " Finally, I worked my way out of that silly shell." And so the first painting came to be, and then three more.

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