Darlene Burningham

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Artist’s Statement
To me, art has always been an oasis. When I first started drawing and painting on a constant basis, it was during a particularly difficult period in my life. I would escape by getting immersed in the act of looking at line, shapes and colours and laying drawing or painting materials on a flat surface. When I started my studies at Concordia, I was exposed to so many different ideas about art and different ways of making it. I struggled for a long time between “realistic” and “expressionistic” ways of exploring and portraying the world around me. I continually create to explore and work through this struggle. In addition to that, I find myself most at peace when I am engrossed in the physical act of making images (either realistic or expressionistic) appear through the manipulation of art materials. I love to watch what happens as I put a stroke of paint here, a blob there, and a bit of blending elsewhere. I love, and live, to create.
Visit Darlene's website at: www.darleneburningham.ca

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