Amy MacKay

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Amy MacKay ~ Artist Statement

These pieces came about from an interest in how society uses the form of photography to maintain memory. We spend countless amounts of time and money trying to sustain our memories. We pretend memory is concrete and stable rather than concede that it is fluid and becomes skewed over time.
In this series of photographs, only parts of the story are shown and the viewer must fill in the blanks. Each photograph was taken at a moment that could either be important to the subject or could be an ordinary day.  The images are over exposed with the faces blending into the fading surrounding. This evokes how memory works: the details of a moment or person are lost over time. The fading also points to the fragility of the medium. Photographs, like memory, fade and deteriorate over time. The memory and the photograph remain, although they are incomplete. There are details missing -- are they important? If you've forgotten that these details ever existed, how would you know if they were?

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