Beno๎t Perrault

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Artist's Statement

In time man has had to face multiple changes at many levels that have been proposed, perhaps imposed either by nature, arts, sciences, politics and/or religious communities. In order to follow these changes and to survive in our surroundings we must constantly filter a multitude of information that solicits our attention, analyze its contents and make choices.  Technological impact on modern society brought a multiplicity of constantly renewed elements that need to be assimilated which in turn demand that we make new choices.

Each decision we take each gesture we make, whether it is personal or collective will directly or indirectly be part of a wave that will have an impact on our future.

Faced with all the options that are offered to us, each individual must trust his understanding, emotions and instincts to find the answers that are appropriate to ones self and guide him toward personal success, his own truth.

As a human being and as an artist I seek to awaken the inner self, to ignite some emotion and to create a movement that might to the least. awake my own inner self, ignite my own emotions and keep myself in motion, always questioning.

Relationships, oppositions, harmony and emotion are terms what guide my research.

Please visit Benoît's website at: www.benoitperrault.com

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